Ille Inter Homines | Men Among Man


Belize’s Most Prestigious Mason Lodge

We are a lodge founded by 33rd degree members and we are open for new qualified candidates to join on the 1st degree and be part of this prestigious lodge. We are dedicated to volunteering for various charity events always setting great values as a brotherhood.

As men of good character, we always support each other in everything that we do learning through shared experiences at all times.

Mr. George G. Hardie Jr. Mission Statement

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. We are looking for serious dedicated men to join our elite lodge. Our mission within Brothers of Light is to make good men better. Better devotion to the order, family, job, country, and most importantly, better in your devotion to your fellow man by striving for each member to exhibit personal growth year by year. In our group you will be part of a disciplined, ethical, and organized brotherhood.

George G. Hardie Jr.
Brothers of Light Masons