Learn About the By-Laws of Brothers of Light Masons

Brothers of Light Lodge #7 Corozal, Belize is always proud to be a shining light on a hill sharing knowledge and helping the fraternity where it can.

Publishing our By-Laws other units and brothers can look at how we operate and you can see we are a no-nonsense unit run with discipline and organization and how it carries over to our personal conduct in our day to day lives.

While we obviously follow masonic law and tradition, there might be some By-Laws that are slightly different than maybe one is accustomed to but the heart of our unit is 100% Masonic.

Look through our By-Laws and if you as a brother notice a By-Law that might work for your lodge, GREAT, use it! Sharing knowledge and showing light is a cornerstone of what Brothers of Light Lodge #7 is all about.

Thank you,
Worthy Master George G. Hardie Jr.